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Joomla! Administrators

{{Chunk:Administrator profile/<translate>



Joomla! Administrator's Manual

</translate> <translate> Note from the Doc Team: The intention is that the list of topics you see below should be task-orientated and not a "feature list" for Joomla! website administration. These items should address real and common activities that an Administrator will need to perform. </translate>


Managing a Joomla! Website


Administrators Documentation Projects and Open Tasks

<translate> The Joomla! Documentation Wiki needs your help! Below is a list of pages/articles needed for this page. If you know of a topic which needs to be addressed, just add it to the List of Red Links below by using the following wikimarkup. </translate>

<translate> List of Red Links for needed Administrator Articles:

  • none listed yet</translate>


Other Ideas and Suggestions

List your ideas and suggestions here:

  • We need more ideas and suggestions for improving this page. -The Doc Team