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* [[jforum:466|Joomla! v 1.5 Template Questions]]
* [[jforum:466|Joomla! v 1.5 Template Questions]]
* [[jforum:470|Joomla! v 1.5 Extension Questions]]
* [[jforum:470|Joomla! v 1.5 Extension Questions]]
* [[jforum:262|Joomla! Extension Directory Questions]]
* [[jforum:262|Joomla! Extension Directory Questions]]<noinclude>[[Category:Landing subpages|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

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Now you're ready to start making your own articles, weblinks, contacts, banners, and newsfeeds. Before you jump into doing this you may want to review Planning Your Web site. Or if you want to convert your current website to Joomla!, read Converting an existing website to a Joomla! website.

Before you do anything else, you should decide if you want to enable Search Engine Friendly URLs (described here). Enabling or disabling them later will destroy the rankings your pages will have acquired with search engines.

One of the first tasks you may want to do is to modify one of the templates that comes with Joomla! so that it displays your site name and logo.

Finally, you may want to install one or more of the thousands of extensions to Joomla!. Most Joomla! extensions are listed in the official Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED). Once you've found an extension to install, Installing an extension will tell you how to install it.

Please remember that all extensions are developed by independent developers. If you need help with a specific extension the best source will be that developer.

For help visit: