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* [[Framework|Joomla Framework]].
* [[Framework|Joomla Framework]].
* [ API documentation] automatically generated using phpDocumentor.
* [ API documentation] automatically generated using phpDocumentor.
== Joomla Magazine Articles ==
* [ Check username availability with Ajax]
* [ Developing a Smart Search plugin]
* [ Customising an extension's edit screen]
* [ Integrating WebSocket to Joomla]
* [ Customising Joomla help]
* [ Write you own app using the Joomla Platform]
* [ Sorting articles by recently touched date]
* [ Using Doctrine ORM in Joomla]
* [ Rapid development techniques - Templates within templates]
* [ Rapid development techniques - Removing MooTools]
* [ Rapid development techniques - Preventing code fragmentation]
* [ Extending Joomla's MVC architecture]
== Articles and Tutorials ==
== Articles and Tutorials ==

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As a developer you are tasked with altering or extending the functionality of Joomla! or one of its extensions. You will be proficient in a range of programming languages, including PHP, but may be less familiar with such things as JavaScript or CSS. If you are new to Joomla! you will need information about the Joomla! Framework API and how to use it and will probably make extensive use of best practice example code.

A complete contents list of all pages of interest to developers can be found in the development category.

Reference Material

Joomla Magazine Articles

Articles and Tutorials




<translate> There are many articles, tutorials, references and FAQs which focus on component development. If this is your first time developing a component for Joomla, you should start with the Absolute Basics of How a Component Functions. If needed, you can visualise the control flow of a component with these diagrams.</translate>

<translate> Next, you will want to read our  Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.x MVC tutorial    Developing a Model-View-Controller Component. Remember to familiarise yourself with Joomla! Secure coding guidelines and Development Best Practices.</translate>

<translate> Once you have read the tutorial and/or tried the example component, you can focus more on the specifics of your component with additional articles. These are listed on the Component Development Portal or any of the supporting Portals for Development(Plugins, Modules or Templates).</translate>

For more information, see Component Development.



For more information, see Module Development.


<translate> The following articles will help familiarise you with Joomla! plugins. They are a good starting point to understanding and then developing plugins.</translate> <translate>====Beginner==== To understand how to install and use a plugin in Joomla it is recommended to read Administration of a Plugin in Joomla!</translate> <translate>====Intermediate==== To understand plugins better it is advised that you create a basic plugin for Joomla!.

It is also advised to read on how to run a basic content plugin in a custom module or component you may have already developed it is recommended to read Triggering content plugins in your extension.</translate> <translate>====Advanced==== To understand the principles on which the Plugin system works Plugin Developer Overview. To then implement this in a component you have designed it is recommended to read Supporting plugins in your component.</translate>

For more information, see Plugin Development.


<translate> Introduction to Template Development</translate>

{{:Portal:Template Development/Intro/<translate> en</translate>}}

<translate> Template Development FAQs</translate>

{{:Portal:Template Development/FAQs/<translate> en</translate>}}

<translate> Recommended Reading</translate>

{{:Portal:Template_Development/Reading list/<translate> en</translate>}}

<translate> Template Development Tutorials</translate>

{{:Portal:Template Development/Tutorials/<translate> en</translate>}}

For more information, see Template Development.


See also: Category:Parameters

Core extensions summary




Access Control


Contributing to Joomla Development

The development of Joomla itself is carried out by the Development Working Group and third party developers.

Contributing to Joomla Developer Documentation

The development of Joomla developer documentation is carried out primarily by the Documentation Working Group. There are currently two sub-projects of interest to developers:

When creating a new page, ensure you place the following marker at the bottom of the page so it is included in the category list:


If you locate other articles you think are relevant to developers, please add this marker to those pages.

Suggested topics

This is a short list of articles that might be written to support developers. Please feel free to add further topic ideas.

Joomla Security Guide

Developers should also be aware of security issues. Template:Security Guide