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Introduction to Plugin Development

<translate> This page contains many links to documentation concerning Plugin Development for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. A good place to start is with the Reading list articles below as they provide a good introductory base of knowledge to build on.</translate>

<translate> What is a Plugin?</translate>

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Recommended Reading

<translate> The following articles will help familiarise you with Joomla! plugins. They are a good starting point to understanding and then developing plugins.</translate> <translate>====Beginner==== To understand how to install and use a plugin in Joomla it is recommended to read Administration of a Plugin in Joomla!</translate> <translate>====Intermediate==== To understand plugins better it is advised that you create a basic plugin for Joomla!.

To read on how to run a basic content plugin in a custom module or component you may have already developed it is recommended to read Triggering content plugins in your extension.</translate> <translate>====Advanced==== To understand the principles on which the Plugin system works Plugin Developer Overview. To then implement this in a component you have designed it is recommended to read Supporting plugins in your component.</translate>

Plugin Development Documentation Projects

<translate> The Joomla! Documentation Wiki needs your help! Below is a list of pages/articles needed for Plugin Development. If you know of a topic which needs to be addressed, just add it to the List of Red Links below by using the following wikimarkup.</translate>

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<translate> Want or Need a New Article on Plugin Development?</translate>


To add a Red Link click here and add it to the Plugins Development Projects page. Please use the following wikimarkup code to add the suggested topic to the list:</translate>

*[[Put your Plugin Article name here]]

<translate> List of Red Links for needed Plugin Development Articles:</translate>