Potential backward compatibility issues in Joomla 3 and Joomla Platform 12.2

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The platform removed a larger number of deprecated classes and methods. For most extensions written for Joomla 2.5 the required changes should be reasonably small. Note that there are still deprecated classes in the platform that will be removed in future versions, developers should stop using them where possible.

Moved files[edit]

All classes listed here should now be autoloadable. Explicit requires and includes have to be modified or removed.

Classes moved to the CMS[edit]

  • JFormFieldHelpsite
  • JFormFieldMedia
  • JHelp
  • JTableContent

Classes moved within the platform[edit]

  • JInput (and all subclasses)
  • JTable (and all subclasses)

Renamed classes[edit]

  • JWebClient is now called JApplicationWebClient

Removed classes[edit]

  • JParameter (use JForm instead)
  • JElement and its subclasses
  • JFormFieldEditors (use JFormFieldPlugins instead)
  • JHtmlImage
  • JSimpleXML
  • JPane

Removed Constants[edit]

  • The DS constant has been removed. If you really need it you can use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR instead

Changes to classes[edit]



  • JRegistry::loadXML() has been removed. Use JRegistry::loadString() instead.
  • JRegistry::loadINI() has been removed. Use JRegistry::loadString() instead.
  • JRegistry::loadJSON() has been removed. Use JRegistry::loadString() instead.
  • JRegistry::makeNameSpace() has been removed. No replacement.
  • JRegistry::getNameSpaces() has been removed. No replacement.
  • JRegistry::getValue() has been removed. Use JRegistry::get() instead.
  • JRegistry::setValue() has been removed. Use JRegistry::set() instead.
  • JRegistry::loadSetupFile() has been removed. No replacement.


  • JRegistryFormatINI::stringToObject() the second argument ($option) may not be a boolean anymore.


  • JRegistryFormatJSON::stringToObject() the second argument ($option) may not be a boolean anymore.



  • JTable::canDelete() has been removed.
  • JTable::toXML() has been removed.



  • JUpdater::arrayUnique() has been removed. Use JArrayHelper::arrayUnique() instead.



  • The constant JAUTHENTICATE_STATUS_SUCCESS has been removed. Use JAuthentication::STATUS_SUCCESS instead.
  • The constant JAUTHENTICATE_STATUS_CANCEL has been removed. No replacement.
  • The constant JAUTHENTICATE_STATUS_FAILURE has been removed. Use JAuthentication:: STATUS_FAILURE instead.


  • JUser::getParameters() has been removed.
  • Juser::authorisedLevels() has been removed. Use JUser::getAuthorisedViewLevels() instead.
  • Juser::authorize() has been removed. Use JUser::authorise() instead.
  • JUser::$usertype has been removed.



  • JDate::toFormat() has been removed. Use JDate::format() instead.
  • JDate::setOffset() has been removed.
  • JDate::$offsets has been removed.
  • JDate__construct() doesn't accept an numeric value for $tz anymore.


  • JUtility::sendMail() has been removed. Use JMail::sendMail() instead.
  • JUtility::sendAdminMail() has been removed. Use JMail:: sendAdminMail() instead.
  • JUtility::getHash() has been removed. Use JApplication::getHash() instead.
  • JUtility::getToken() has been removed. Use JSession::getFormToken() instead.
  • JUtility::isWinOS() has been removed. Use JApplication::isWinOS() instead.
  • JUtility::dump() has been removed. No replacement.
  • JUtility::array_unshift_ref() has been removed. No replacement.
  • JUtility:: array_unshift_ref() has been removed. No replacement.


  • JXMLElement::data() has been removed
  • JXMLElement::getAttribute() has been removed. Use SimpleXMLElement::attributes instead.


  • Compatibility with MooTools 1.2 has been removed
  • Forms that have name="adminForm" now also require id="adminForm" by default


Removed classes[edit]

  • All classes extending JElement have been removed