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* Coordinators: Mark Dexter
* Coordinators: Mark Dexter
* Contact: Mark Dexter (
* PLT Contact: Mark Dexter (
===Documentation Working Group===
===Documentation Working Group===

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Database Working Group

There's plenty of work to do to improve the way that Joomla works with databases. We need database experts who can look at optimising queries, improving the data model and making Joomla work across multiple databases. If you are a database junkie and you'd like to help then contact Omar Ramos.

Internet of Things Working Group

This working group is looking into using the Joomla Platform to simplify and open source the "internet of things". Using several popular input/output devices to allow the world to connect to the internet and back to the world; for the device's data to be easily displayed on Joomla sites and Joomla sites to "talk back" to the environment.

Coordinator: Phil Walton ( PLT Contact: Chris Davenport (

For further information go to

Bug Squad

For further information see Bug Squad.

Documentation Working Group

The Documentation Working Group is a standing team of people dedicated to improving Joomla's documentation. This includes both user and developer documentation. Our primary focus is this wiki, but we are also responsible for maintaining and other resources.

Joomla Security Strike Team

This team is for experienced Joomla users and developers who want to help test and fix reported security issues. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mark Dexter. Thanks!

Translations Working Group

For further information see Translations Working Group.

  • Contact: Jean-Marie Simonet

User Experience Working Group

The User Experience Working Group is a standing team focused on the Joomla User Experience. This includes the Joomla administrator user interface, sample templates, sample data and any other related aspects. The team will have a dedicated site up shortly to facilitate collaboration.

For further information see The Joomla User Experience Portal.

Proposing a new working group

If you would like to propose a new working group to be added to this list, please follow this procedure:-

  • choose a title for the working group.
  • write a brief overview of the job that the working group will do.
  • list the success criteria for the working group.
  • list the initial coordinator (or coordinators if more than one), with contact email address(es).
  • send your proposal to Chris Davenport [1] who will ensure that your proposal is considered by the PLT.