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This file its considered a complement of Joomla! Extensions Directory Terms of Service (TOS) for extensions developers.

Inclusion in the Joomla! Extensions Directory is a privilege, not a right and is at the sole discretion of the Joomla! Extensions Directory team and Open Source Matters. Any listing can be removed at any time at the discretion of the Joomla! Extensions Directory team without notice.

Your files



Can I submit non-GPL licensed extensions?

No. Since March 1st 2009, only Joomla! extensions licensed under the GNU GPL will be accepted into the JED. Read this blog post for more information

Free or commercial?




Its important to have your files always a available to download

Extensions Security

Your actions

Submiting files

Extensions compatibility

Joomla! 1.0 compatible extensions - Since March 31st 2009, JED no longer accepts Joomla! 1.0 compatible-only extensions.

Submission Checklists

Your submission will be reviewed in a 4 steps process. Before you submit a file to JED you should also take the same steps to avoid delays in publishing:

How can I help to speed up my extension's approval time?

There are several ways you can help the extension submission process go faster and smoother. As you may know, the Joomla! Extension Directory is supported by volunteers and it takes time to go through all the extensions. You can help to speed up the approval process by making sure your extension:

  1. uses GPL license and include proper notices.
  2. follows Joomla's Logo and Brand guidelines.
  3. has permission to use Joomla trademark if your extension or site uses Joomla!'s trademark.
  4. if using Joomla word, its an approved name: see Form for name request .
  5. does not conflict with other extension names Extensions name FAQ
  6. has valid links: see how we can help in distribution.
  7. is downloadable by front-end/public/registered or guest user.
  8. is installable on Joomla! unless your submission is for Tools category.
  9. is installable without error (please test it in different environments).


You are not allowed to vote for extensions:

  • on same category as your files
  • those considered direct competition
  • your own files

This applies also to people directly related to you: family, colleagues, employees and partners.


  • Soliciting reviews and votes: Extensions may only solicit votes and/or reviews in the manner defined in the TOS

Users actions on your entries


How can I, as a developer, get in contact with this particular reviewer?

You can´t. Identity of JED users will never be revealed. What we can do is to invite a user to contact developer when developer wants to help out with an issue raised in reviews. Developer should then provide us with contact details, and then we will provide this information to the user.

JED Categorization

Can I suggest some changes to categorization?

Categories in JED is constantly evolving to cope with the increasing amount of extensions. We strive to provide a good categorization to fit all extensions listed in JED. If you feel that an extension deserved to be in another existing or new category, please use the "Report This" button and let us know about your suggestion. You can also post your feedback to our forum.

Which category should I publish my extension?

If you are unsure where to publish your extension, a good starting point would be to look at other related extensions and find where they are listed.

Can I submit multiple listings at different categories for the same extension?

No. You are allowed to list your extension once in a category in JED.

Can I have my extensions listed at different categories?

No. Extensions can be listed in one category only.

What should I do if my extension is suitable to be listed in multiple categories?

We suggest that you use the Description field in your extension listing to communicate the suitability of your extension in other areas.

Can I request an Extension Specific Category?

Extension specific categories can be requested by a developer but are created at the sole discretion of the Joomla! Extensions Directory team and Open Source Matters. In general, extension specific categories are created when there are 5 or more extension specific listings for a specific extension created by a developer other than the one who made the main extension. Developers cannot list any extension specific listing for any of their own extensions. However, developers are welcome to create extension specific listings for other extensions.

Directory Rules

Joomla! Extensions Directory Terms of Service (TOS)


Joomla! Trademark

The Joomla! name and logos are registered trademarks in the United States and elsewhere held by Open Source Matters. Permission, from OSM, to use these trademarks is usually required and is only granted subject to specific rules Trademarks Trademark Checklist

3rd party trademarks

  • Protecting trademarks
  • Name conflicts

Security Problems

When an extension its confirmed insecure it is unpublished from JED and listed at VEL (Vulnerable Extensions List)

Names and Alias

Each entry gets its own ID. A name alias will be created for that entry

Forked extensions

We support the original project developer whenever possible to maintain the integrity of the listings and also support developers who are building and innovating on the Joomla platform. To have a forked project listed in the JED it must meet additional requirements over original extension

JED Editors actions



When an entry its unpublished a short note its displayed in the public page. An email is sent to the developer. You can contact with JED team by email to solve issues and get your extension republished.

Violations ans Suspensions

See Terms of Service TOS, J- Violations

JED Team Contact

  • Forum to discuss issues JED Forum
  • E-mail contact team@extensions.joomla.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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