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As Joomla! becomes very widely used, so more books are available about it aimed at various levels of experience. It may seem strange to recommend books for an on-line application. But interestingly - the book has not died as a result of on-screen documentation. Studies have shown that people read differently on-screen than they read on paper, it even makes sense to use books as well as on-line resources. Here are some that add to the on-screen documentation.

  • Jennifer Marriott and Elin Waring, The Official Joomla! Book Addison-Wesley Professional, 2010. Part of the Joomla! Press series. (Just published - I have not seen this yet)
  • Ric Shreves, Joomla! Bible, Wiley, 2010. Comprehensive and practical. A reference book but with a lot of practical things, as well as nuggets of information. Good for developers but also useful for learners.
  • Cory Webb, Beginning Joomla! Web Site Development, Wrox Wiley 2009. One of the Programmer to Programmer series. Better for people with a bit of experience of computing in general and web sites in particular. But it has some good parts - including some detailed analysis of Template files.
  • Ron Severdia and Kenneth Crowder, Using Joomla, O'Reilly, 2010. A descriptive book in the traditions of the O'Reilly publications. Not for beginners.
  • Marni Derr and Tanya Symes, Visual QuickStart Guide: Joomla!, PeachPit Press, 2009. Helpful layout with a lot of screen shots and asides. Some experience of IT is needed but the book leads you along nicely and is written in a straight forward style.

Help on-line

The Joomla! Help pages are variable in their helpfulness, especially for beginners. But most are very good and if you are an experienced reader of Help - they will be useful.

Beginners may find they do not understand all the vocabulary. And Help tends to contain all possible actions but does not always explain things.

On-line resources

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