Selenium Test Case Methods

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News and Updates

2010 02 10 : Initial draft of this article


With the introduction of System tests in February 2010, there are also a number of Joomla! specific methods that can be used. These methods are part of the SeleniumJoomlaTestCase class, as defined by the file tests/system/SeleniumJoomlaTestCase.php

These methods exist so that none of the path or login information is coded into the tests. Instead, it comes from the config file located at tests/system/servers/configdef.php

Available Selenium Test Case Methods

As of this writing, there are seven methods that belong to the SeleniumJoomlaTestCase class.

  • doAdminLogin()
  • doAdminLogout()
  • gotoAdmin()
  • gotoSite()
  • doFrontEndLogin()
  • doFrontEndLogout()
  • setTinyText($text)