Setting parameters to default on installation

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When developing an component you can ensure that the `params` field of the `#__extensions` table is populated during the installation process by using the installation script file as described in Part 15 of the Developing an MVC Component tutorial.

Adding code similar to the following to the postflight() function within the script file will update `#__extensions` with the required parameters:

   function postflight($type, $parent)
       // $parent is the class calling this method
       // $type is the type of change (install, update or discover_install)
       if ($type == 'install') {
           $db = &JFactory::getDBO();
           $query  = $db->getQuery(true);
           $defaults = '{"param1":"value1","param2":"value2"}'; // JSON format for the parameters
           $query->set("params = '" . $defaults . "'");       // Single-quote the parameter list
           $query->where("name = 'com_XXX'");                  // com_XXX is your component