Setting up your workstation for Joomla! development

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This article provides detailed instructions for setting up your workstation for Joomla! development. Note that there are many possible configurations for doing Joomla! development. Any environment that supports Apache, MySql, PHP, and Subversion should work for writing Joomla! code and extensions.

This document provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and working with Apache, PHP, xdebug, Subversion. This instruction uses Eclipse IDE from chapter 4 and onwards. Please refer to the following links for other development tools:

The example used and screenshots are for Windows XP, but the basic steps are the same for Linux.

Install & configure XAMPP, php, Eclipse

  1. Configuring a XAMPP server for joomla development
  2. Edit PHP.INI File
  3. Configuring Eclipse for joomla development
  4. Installing Subverson on Eclipse for Joomla! development

Setting up your workstation for Joomla! development -- Part 2

This article is continued here: Setting up your workstation for Joomla! development -- Part 2. This includes checking out the Joomla! source code, debugging Joomla! from Eclipse, creating patch files, and Eclipse tips and tricks.