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Welcome to the Tweet & Fbing Team

it's me, Hagen Graf, and I want to invite you to join the Joomla! Tweet Team! It started July 28th as simple 'one tweet a day job' and now we are trying to clean up a bit. First we collect information ...



The team is actually 16 people and I'm (Sully) loathe to expand it. It's most of the CoC (Community oversight committee), a lot of OSM, a few from CLT, a few from the Forum global mods and that's it.


  • No politics or governance at all.
  • One post per weekday except in unusual circumstances.
  • Priority goes to Joomlla! releases--if there's a security or new version release, we post that and only that for 24 hours.
  • Do not "Like" our own posts.

the challenge with FB is that we need to moderate discussion, encourage newbies and take out the spam


List of known channels

The"official ones"

as far as I/we now

There are lists of accounts related to Joomla too

unknown or a bit dubious ... for us in the tweet team

Do you know more? We want to get in contact with you to join forces! Join the chat!

The Team wants to tweet & fbing!

"We" are at the moment

There are more people which are not in the tweet team but able to tweet from the @joomla account. We try to collect all of them.

We want to tweet @joomla

  • retweet interesting tweets about Joomla! in general
  • tweet each day one or more interesting links from

We want to tweet @joomlaevents

  • retweet interesting tweets about Joomla! events (Joomla Days/Joomla User Groups)
  • tweet each day one or more interesting links from

Therefor we need your help to find the real cool links/tweets.

Informal Skype Chat

I created a Skype Chat called "Joomla! Tweet Team #joott" Skype was the easiest solution so far

We have three simple rules:

  1. no biting or scratching - translated, this means play nice!
  2. Sander, Javier and me are allowed to tweet (I don't know whether we have more users with the permission to tweet)
  3. In case of lack of consensus, any of us 3 have the final decision

tweet about the Joomla! Tweet Team

hashtag: #joott

Join the Skype chat too

Amy Stephen, Ana Frade, arvind, Gary Brooks, Hils Cheyne, Isidro Baquero Jacques Rentzke, Jon Neubauer, Kendall Cabe Peter Bui, Mark W. Bender, Sandra Ordonez, Saurabh Shah, Simon Wells-k2joom, Brian 'Sully' Sullivan , Tess Neale, already joined the chat

How to join?

  1. send me your Skype user via twitter or add me on Skype (user hagengraf) and I'll add you to the chat
  2. ask someone mentioned above to add you to the chat

The plan for the future

  • most important: Tweet as described above

next steps:

  • collecting the existing 'structure' of social media in Joomla!
  • having an ongoing chat to discuss
  • edit this page if we have a cool idea
  • making the world a better place using Joomla! to do it!

Send us your tweet proposal :)