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Welcome to the Tweet & Fbing Team

it's me, Hagen Graf, and I want to invite you to join the Joomla! Tweet Team! It started July 28th as simple 'one tweet a day job' and now we are trying to clean up a bit. First we collect information ...



The following people have Administrator access to Joomla!'s Facebook account:

  • Ahmad Alfy
  • Steve Burge
  • Andrew Eddie
  • Dianne Henning
  • Hagen Graf
  • Matt Lipscomb
  • Peter Martin
  • Paul Orwig
  • Sander Potjer
  • Wendy Robinson
  • Brian 'Sully' Sullivan, team lead
  • Philippe Tassin
  • Sandra Warren

Administrators are able to post as 'Joomla!', moderate posts, ban spamming or abusive users, add photos (including profile logos), change profile information. On behalf of, and in support of, the Joomla! Community, they enjoy any other privileges Facebook extends to a page Administrators.

Guiding Principles

  • We attempt to promote the feature and benefits of Joomla! to a worldwide audience of enthusiasts.
  • We attempt to post a link each weekday that will be of interest to the Joomla! community, ideally to content hosted on a site.
  • We strictly avoid controversial links, particularly those which involve Joomla! governance or community politics.
  • Absolute priority is given to Joomla! releases. In the event of a security or new version release, we post that and only that for 24 hours.
  • We normally avoid mention of products or services developed by companies in the Joomla! community.
  • We do try to feature great sites built with Joomla.

Moderation Guidelines

  • The Joomla! Volunteer Code of Conduct fully applies to the Joomla! Community gathered on Facebook. Users must conform their behaviour accordingly.
  • Whenever possible, when posting a link do so without preamble. The article headline is normally descriptive enough.
  • Links should posted with the best pictures and images pulled via metadata, if any. Click-through metrics are significantly higher for posts which contain an image.
  • Allow the community to decide if it likes our posts. We as a team do not "Like" our own posts.
  • We encourage Facebook participants to ask support questions about Joomla! at the Joomla! Forums. This can be done by providing appropriate links whenever possible. We do not provide support via Facebook. To do so usurps the role of the Forum, does not fully integrate the Facebook community with our on-property resources, and increases the workload of the Facebook team.
  • We encourage Facebook participants to ask support questions about Joomla! extensions and templates of the extension/template developers. If it is possible and expeditious, optionally provide a link to the extension developer's support forums. We do not provide specific support or advice regarding templates or extensions.
  • We take care to especially encourage new Joomla! users. We allow them to post their projects and to ask questions of the community. We understand that "Like" from Joomla! may go a long way in validating a choice by a new Joomla! user to use our software for her/his web project.


  • Hosting companies may not advertise their services on the Joomla! Facebook wall. We remove these.
  • We remove posts by extension developers which link to their own sites. We allow, within a reasonable frequency, an extension developer to mention her/his listing in the Joomla! Extensions Directory, particularly when promoting a security update.
  • We do not allow posts which are not Joomla!-related, are purely commercially or politically motivated, or which do not advance the goals of Joomla! and the worldwide FOSS community.


List of known channels

The"official ones"

as far as I/we now

  • Twitter: @joomla - Follow us. This account is primarily for official Joomla news and content.
  • Twitter: @joomlaevents - Follow us. This account is primarily for news about Joomla events. We try to merge that into Joomla!

There are lists of accounts related to Joomla too

Aggregator pages


Twitter Accounts run by other parts of the Joomla Project

Do you know more? We want to get in contact with you to join forces! Join the chat!

The Team

"We" are at the moment

Informal Skype Chat

I created a Skype Chat called "Joomla! Tweet Team #joott" Skype was the easiest solution so far

Join the Skype chat

Already joined the chat to propose, discuss and schedule tweets (names in alphabetical order):

Ana Frade, arvind, Gary Brooks, Flip, Hils Cheyne, Isidro Baquero Jacques Rentzke, Jon Neubauer, Kendall Cabe Peter Bui, Mark W. Bender, Sandra Ordonez, Saurabh Shah, Simon Wells-k2joom, Brian 'Sully' Sullivan , Tess Neale,

How to join?

  1. send me your Skype user via twitter or add me on Skype (user hagengraf) and I'll add you to the chat
  2. ask someone mentioned above to add you to the chat

What do we tweet?

  • tweet each day one or more interesting links from

Therefore we need your help to find the real cool links/tweets.

We have these principles:

These principles will be heavily discussed at the moment in the tweet chat!

  1. Sander, Steve and Hagen are allowed to tweet
  2. In case of lack of consensus, any of us 3 have the final decision
  3. We do mention great sites built with Joomla. Tweet us @joomla to bring them to our attention.

tweet about the Joomla! Tweet Team

hashtag: #joott

The plan for the future

  • most important: Tweet as described above

next steps:

  • having an ongoing chat to discuss
  • edit this page if we have a cool idea
  • setting up a payed hootsuite account to have more transparency, give people to possibility to propose tweets and integrate rss feed for generating tweets from

Send us your tweet proposal :)