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Show new changes starting from 12:58, 7 October 2015

7 October 2015

     12:58Testing Joomla! patches/es ‎(diff; hist; +44) ‎    ‎AbulafiaShow user links ‎ ‎
     12:53J3.x:Developing an MVC Component/Developing a Basic Component/es ‎(diff; hist; +13) ‎    ‎AbulafiaShow user links (Created page with "evita que se liste el contenido del directorio del servidor web")
    12:38(User creation log) ‎    ‎[Ctusco; Giordani]
    08:25Content creators/en ‎(2 changes; hist; +5) ‎    ‎[FuzzyBot‎×2]
     08:23J3.x:Access Control List Tutorial/fr ‎(diff; hist; +11) ‎    ‎MATsxmShow user links ‎ ‎
     08:23Bug Squad Issue Comments/de ‎(diff; hist; -17) ‎    ‎Zero24Show user links ‎ ‎
    08:22Content creators/fr ‎(3 changes; hist; +6) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×3]
    08:21(Page translation log) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×4]
    08:21Content creators ‎(4 changes; hist; +250) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×4]
    08:20(Upload log) ‎    ‎[Zero24; Sandra97‎×2]
N   08:20Chunk30:Help screen toolbar icon Publish/fr ‎(2 changes; hist; +152) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×2]
 N b 08:20Chunk30:Help screen toolbar icon Publish/en ‎(diff; hist; +124) ‎    ‎FuzzyBotShow user links (Importing a new version from external source)
    08:17Chunk30:Help screen toolbar icon Publish ‎(2 changes; hist; +71) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×2]
N   08:14Chunk30:Help screen toolbar icon Edit/fr ‎(3 changes; hist; +328) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×3]
 N b 08:05Chunk30:Help screen toolbar icon Edit/en ‎(diff; hist; +303) ‎    ‎FuzzyBotShow user links (Importing a new version from external source)
    08:01Chunk30:Help screen toolbar icon Edit ‎(2 changes; hist; +71) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×2]
    07:56JEXEC/fr ‎(4 changes; hist; +168) ‎    ‎[MATsxm‎×4]
N   07:53Category:Core Contributions/de ‎(2 changes; hist; +180) ‎    ‎[M-b-o‎×2]
N   07:50Category:Bug Tracker/de ‎(3 changes; hist; +211) ‎    ‎[M-b-o‎×3]
     07:48Why do most of the Joomla! PHP files start with defined(' JEXEC')?/fr ‎(diff; hist; +13) ‎    ‎MATsxmShow user links (Created page with "Régler les rapports d'erreurs sur un niveau moins élevé pourrait avoir des effets similaires mais il existe des des cas où les changements de la configuration des paramèt...")
N   07:48Category:Bug Squad/de ‎(2 changes; hist; +259) ‎    ‎[M-b-o‎×2]
    07:39Testing Joomla! patches/de ‎(5 changes; hist; 0) ‎    ‎[M-b-o‎×5]