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  • {{Chunk:Template/pt-br}} '''Consulte também''': [[Extension types (general definitions)/pt-br|Tipos de extensões (definições gerais)]]
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  • {{:Typical template directory structure/pt-br}} * '''template.css'''
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  • {{Chunk:Template/pt}} ...back end templates, isis (which is set as default), and Hathor. The Hathor template was designed for accessibility, and may be appropriate for those with color
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  • ...tes'' directory of your site. You can edit these files directly or use the Template Manager. ...ew copies of the default Joomla templates. Similarly, editing an installed template means you may have to re-install it to reset it to the original state at in
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  • ...le method for creating assignments, settings and parameters for use in the template. ...ding on what features the template offers. The default Joomla! 3 Protostar template serves as an excellent example to demonstrate how this file is used. The va
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  • ...t information possible, the tracker populates the description field with a template with five sub-sections: :# Added an unpublished article from the back end, with Section=FAQ, Category=General.
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  • ...ot just about accidents; a person well versed in backup can help with safe development of new features. Backup and restore help web managers create a staging webs ...their live site and staging site, so change the color of your staging site template to remind developers that the staging site is not live to the public.
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