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  • [[Image:Joomla-3.7-custom-fields-700x410-pt-br.jpg|700px]] [[Image:Joomla-3.7-improved-workflow-700x410-pt-br.jpg|700px]]
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  • ===Multilingual Management - Size in pixel: 700x410=== [[Image:Joomla-3.7-multilingual-management-700x410-pt.jpg|700px]]
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  • ...aver fa-lg icon" style="color:#E6462B;"></div> [[S:MyLanguage/Help screens/pt-br|Telas de Ajuda do Administrador]]</span>{{-}} ...s="fa fa-users fa-lg icon" style="color:#aaa;"></div> [[S:MyLanguage/User Management|Gerenciando seus Usuários]]</span>{{-}}
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  • {{RightTOC}}Joomla! already is a rich featured content management system, but if you're building a website with Joomla! and you need extra fe *Management feature: {{rarr|Admin head menu,Components,Contacts (for com_contact)}}
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  • ...Password at the bottom of the page. Then select ''Add / modify authorized user''. # Once the user is created, select ''Go Back''.
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  • ...elf by providing the registration data you requested. Normally, you create user accounts in order to grant access to exclusive parts of your site or allow In order to create a new user you will have to go through the following steps:
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  • ...o no Administrativo. Você deve acessar o sistema com nível de acesso Super User. ...banco de dados do Joomla! para que você possa voltar a acessar como Super User. Esses são os métodos disponíveis.
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  • '''Require Password Reset''' - Setting this option to ''Yes'' requires the user to reset their password the next time they log into the site. ...style for the Administrator Backend interface. This will only affect this User.
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  • Normally, you can add, edit and delete users and passwords from the back-end User Manager. To do this, you must be logged in as a member of the Super Adminis ...or access that you know the password for. A username that is in the Author User Group view access level or higher can also be used in place of a username w
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  • ...in CMS language strings<ref>[http://joomla.github.io/user-interface-text/?user-interface-text/joomla_name_usage.md Using the "!" with CMS language strings Joomla!<sup>®</sup> is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and powerful online appli
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  • ...s="fa fa-users fa-lg icon" style="color:#aaa;"></div> [[S:MyLanguage/User Management|Gerir os Seus Utilizadores]]</span>{{-}} <span class="main-page-text"><div class="fa fa-user-plus fa-lg icon" style="color:#555;"></div> Adira a um [[S:MyLanguage/Porta
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  • *Ver também: [[S:Mylanguage/J3.x:Updating Joomla (Update Method)/pt-br|Atualizando o Joomla (Método de Atualização)]]. *Ver também: [[S:Mylanguage/Help34:Help_screens/pt-br|Help Screens]].
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  • ...lled when the component itself gets uninstalled. This is called dependency management that has been desired in Joomla but hasn't been done yet. ...are dependent upon each other. Combining them in a package will allow the user to install and uninstall both extensions in a single operation. Package ext
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  • ...d Joomla.org web pages. Those guidelines are excessive within a controlled user-facing environment like the Joomla! backend. ...in CMS language strings<ref>[http://joomla.github.io/user-interface-text/?user-interface-text/joomla_name_usage.md Using the "!" with CMS language strings
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  • ...Show or Hide the number of times the article has been hit (displayed by a user). Please note that you might need to log in as a registered user or administrator to view the new item. It all depends on the Access Level y
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  • [[File:J3x-Add-Menu-With-Module-3-pt-br.png]] ...many options to choose from in the Menu Module such as, publishing dates, user access, and sub-menu items just to name a few. For detailed information abo
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  • ...The newly added article shows but there is no edit icon for the front-end user to click on. *What should have happened : The edit icon should show, allowing a front end user to edit this article.
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  • ...''view''. The other controls what things users can ''do'' (what actions a user can take). The ACL for each is set up differently. ...of categories you wish only logged in users to see. N.B do not assign any user groups to the new Access Levels at this point.
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