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===Further information===
===Further information===
* [[Creating a submenu]]
* [[Creating a submenu]]
* [[Creating a split menu in the Milky Way template]]
[[Category:Landing Pages]][[Category:Glossary]]
[[Category:Landing Pages]][[Category:Glossary]]

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<translate> A split menu is where different levels of a single menu are displayed in two or more locations on a single web page.

For example, a common requirement is for a menu of top-level items to appear at the top of the page. When one of the items is clicked the user is taken to a page where a secondary menu, say on the left of the page, shows second-level items within the scope of the top-level item.

The menus appear in separate locations on the page, but are related because one shows only top-level items while the other shows second-level items. This idea can be extended to include menus for third-level items and beyond.

This can be implemented in Joomla using a single multi-level menu then creating more than one menu module each referring to a different level.

See also: Menu</translate>

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