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What license is Joomla! released under?

== * What do the locks mean? How do I get rid of them? == * How do I eliminate the pathway or breadcrumbs?

   * How do I exit the wrapper?
   * How do I get rid of the News Flash module?
   * How do I remove the page title from the front page of my site?
   * How do I find an extension to do [fill in the blank]?
   * Can content items be assigned to multiple categories or sections?
   * How do I control what items appear in my newsflashes?
   * How do I change the image(s) in my template?
   * How do I change the introductory text for weblinks?
   * Why can't I edit my content from the front end?
   * How do I link from inside content to another content item?
   * How is access control set up in Joomla!
   * Where are the web pages?
   * What determines what is shown on my frontpage?
   * What determines my homepage?
   * What are section, categories and content items?
   * What are components, modules, mambots and plugins?
   * How do I change the favicon?
   * Why do the pop ups in my WYSIWYG editor not work or show gibberish?
   * What are positions?
   * Why are the backgrounds of my WYSIWYG editor fields colored?
   * How do you install an extension?
   * Why doesn't the pdf of my page show the images?
   * How do I make a menu link that is not clickable?
   * What does a simple Joomla! installation include?