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== Documents ==
== Documents ==
[[Writing_System_Tests_for_Joomla!_-_Part_1|Writing System Tests for Joomla!]]
* [[Writing_System_Tests_for_Joomla!_-_Part_1|Writing System Tests for Joomla!]]
* GSOC-Webdriver_system_tests_for_CMS repository:

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Team Members

  • Puneet Kala (Working Group Coordinator)
  • Javier Gómez (PLT liaison)
  • Kshitij Sharma
  • Tanaporn Pantuprecharat
  • Mark Dexter


The next steps in this team are:

GSoC 2014

Sauce Labs integration

  • Test SauceLabs and Travis integration with the repo at GitHub: It will require the use of Paratest, to run several tests at the same time, otherwise it will take too long (more than 8 hours just the /Adminitrator/ tests)

Improvements in current tests

  • (done) Create an Assert in all test that makes sure there is not any warning, even if the test passes. See this example:
System tests-example of warning.png