Client-side form validation

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Validation works, but..

On a component of my own in backend, this makes the validation, returns the error, but data in the form are lost:

function save()
 global $mainframe;
 JRequest::checkToken() or jexit( 'Invalid Token' );
 $email = JRequest::getString('email', ); // start email validation
 if($email != null) // email is not required but if isset must be valid
 jimport( 'joomla.mail.helper' );
     if (!JMailHelper::isEmailAddress($email))
     $mainframe->enqueueMessage('Email not valid', 'error');
     return $this->execute('edit');
  $row =& JTable::getInstance('mytable', 'Table');          
  if (!$row->bind(JRequest::get('post'))) 
     JError::raiseError(500, $row->getError() );

What's wrong here? Any suggestion to retrieve the data that I was filling before the validation stop..?

(Dangerfield 19:58, 13 March 2009 (UTC))

Add "validate" to the button class

I think this is a great feature in the Joomla 1.5, and wish more developers implemented it in their forms.

The best example of this in action is on the Joomla 1.5 registration form. \components\com_user\views\register\tmpl\default.php.

I am not sure why they left out adding "validate" to the button class, but it is essential to performing the validation on submit.