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Developing a MVC Component/Basic backend

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Items to be adding/changed on this page:

Note that if using core J! javascript in a form, id="adminForm" must also be included.

Shouldn't references to $db->getDBO() be changed to $db->getDbo() ?

And what is this comment referring to? "The _populateState method is, by default, automatically called when a state is read by the getState method."

Radiant tech 06:37, 1 September 2011 (CDT)

Admin Forms in J2.5

Aparently, for the JToolbar Icons to work properly in J2.5, the form elements need the id "adminForm" to be assigned to them. I changed this in admin/views/helloworlds/tmpl/default.php. However, it also needs to be changed in the packages...


The function declaration has been changed from

public function display($cachable=false)


public function display($cachable=false,$urlparams=false)

How to access backend component & task icons not displaying

The tutorial is unclear on how to access the backend component. I did not find it accessible via the administrator UI; however I could run the component with:


However, underneath the menu bar (Site, Users, Menu...), there is an empty toolbar without any task icons (e.g. Save, Save and Close, Close...). So I can "check" id 1 (Hello World!) and/or id2 (Good bye World!), but then cannot "Save" since there are no task icons.

Is this backend supposed to configure the "Required Settings" options when Editing a Menu Item? i.e. when I add a Menu Item and select "Menu Type", is the purpose of this backend component to specify what options I have in the "Required Settings" drop-down box?

I have identified (hopefully) some outstanding obstacles to getting this backend component to function in 2.5; I hope someone knowledgeable can address these issues so Part 07 becomes a more effective tutorial.