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Notes on how to write a Glossary entry

Create a page for the term (in its singular form if relevant) but instead of entering the text directly include the term as a documentation chunk. Add the page to the Glossary category and if required (which is the norm) add it to the Landing Pages category too. For example, for the term "extension", create a page called "Extension" (the first letter is automatically capitalised so don't worry about that). In the page enter the following text:

<noinclude>[[Category:Landing Pages]][[Category:Glossary]]</noinclude>

Save the page, then click on the "Chunk:Extension" link that you will see. Enter your glossary explanation there and save it.

Now go to the Glossary page and add an entry for the new term in alphabetical order. Use a template reference here too. So, continuing the above example, you would enter the text:


at the appropriate point, then save it.

If the term has a commonly used plural form then you should add a redirect to the singular form. To do this create a page for the plural form and add a #REDIRECT statement to it. If required (which is the norm) add it to the Landing Pages category too. Do not add it to the Glossary category. For example, to add the term "extensions" which will redirect to "extension", create a page called "Extensions" and enter the following text:

#REDIRECT [[Extension]]
[[Category:Landing Pages]]