Installing a template

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@User:Sovainfo, I know what you're thinking and was done this way at one time. We are trying to make it overly, dead simple to at least find what you are looking for in docs.

First, problem we face and will continue to face, supporting 2 versions at the same time. While it does make sense to have redirect right to the current version, what about the 2.5 users who will have support until Dec 31st of 2014? This was the issue in Second hurdle, updates to pages.

We tried to use the 1.5 pages as 2.5 pages, but they were never updated. When they were, everyone was looking for 1.5 and finding 2.5 with 1/2 the images updated, 1/2 not. There are still a lot of pages for 2.5 which show 1.5 images and talk in terms of 1.5...ouch.

Third, this page is also transcluded, well it is 'tricky' transcluded. Only the current version is transclude, not the disambiguation page, through the use of a RVer template(Recommended Version).

I also know what you are referring to in the search. You type in 'Installing a template' and because the page exists, you are taken right to it. You have to think like you are a total newbie. It's hard to do, I know and struggled with it.

Now let's get even more involved. At some point next year, we will have 3 versions for a brief time on the wiki, 2.5, 3.5, and 4.0. I have already started to deal with this(in my head). 2.5 will become a outgoing version(until it is archived, 5 months), 3.5 will be the new LTS and 4.0 the STS version. Tom Hutchison (talk) 18:01, 17 September 2013 (CDT)