PDF Display Fix in IE7

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Revision as of 08:12, 1 April 2009 by Caal (Talk | contribs)

This worked well for me and it solved the pdf function in IE8. The next issue that was created was two windows opening in Mozilla Firefox. I'm not much of a coder but this was my fix and it seemed to work...

After updating as per the "PDF Display Fix in IE7" by:

Script Name: Simple 'if' PHP Browser detection Author: Harald Hope, Website: Script Source URI: Version 2.0.2 Copyright (C) 29 June 2007

Modified 22 April 2008 by Jon Czerwinski Added IE 7 version detection

I then made this modification to step 2 only:


Everything is the same except the following code:

   $user_browser = browser_detection('browser');
   if ($user_browser == 'msie7') {
   $attribs['onclick'] =
   ",'win2','".$status."'); return

I removed this code:

   $attribs['target'] = '_blank';
   } else {

It all seems to be working nicely.

I'm now working on adding headers and footers to link back to my site (pdf and print)

Regards Mick Holton