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I'm not well versed in htaccess, but like many people, I have set up my Joomla instance in a directory off the root. And like most people, I have had quite a time trying to modify both my configuration.php as well as the htaccess to make the URL appear to go to the domain root and not show the Joomla folder.

I would like to see an htaccess option that is preconfigured for a sub-directory as well...or at least commented code that allows you to easily switch.

Also, I heard the current htaccess is considered very inefficient, although lacking apache skills I could not tell you why. The current file is copyrighted, so I can't post the contents on forums to get help.

So if the copyright can't be lifted (which would be perfectly acceptable) then the only other recommendation is bringing in other resources to review and improve the file.

Just my two cents.

Dlwilson007 17:55, 13 September 2010 (UTC)