Questions to ask a prospective hosting company

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Aim: A simple list of questions anyone could copy & paste to their prospective host before purchasing hosting plus a list of 'acceptable/minimum' answers.

Target: Although it could apply to everyone who uses Joomla!, it would be good to target new non-technical users and make it as simple as possible for them to buy good hosting at whatever level

These would be helpful guidelines and no responsibility could be taken by Joomla! for misinformation. It is not within the scope of this list to help choose a hosting company or offer advice on type or cost.


1. What version of PHP do you use? Answer should be 5.3.1 or newer. [Maybe ask for 5.3.6 instead?)

2. (if you plan to use MySQL) Is InnoDB as a MySQL storage engine available? Answer should be yes [Alternatively we could ask for at least MySQL 5.5]

3. Are files uploaded trough FTP writeable trough PHP without setting permissions to 777? Answer should be yes.