Setting up your workstation for extension development (build with Phing)

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This article fails to explain the content of the original package before it is installed, way before setting up PHING needs improvement.

Quite unfair comment that. Mark's previous two articles cover the setup of XAMPP/Eclipse/Joomla in comprehensive detail.!_development (Pete Nurse 00:43, 16 March 2010 (UTC))

Tips & Traps for Eclipse/SVN/JoomlaCode

These are issues that I've come up against. Maybe my solutions are not definitively correct.

  • To create a JoomlaCode account, go to and click on the "add new Project" at the very bottom of the page. In time your application will be reviewed and (hopefully) approved.
  • In Eclipse, when deleting a folder from your SVN project, delete the folder in the SVN repository (Window->Show View->SVN Respositories) first and then select Team->Update to HEAD.