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First step to a social media strategy: think about these things:

Social Media Strategy

1. WHY? Why are you interested in social media? 2. Why do you want a social media plan for the organization? 3. What objectives are we trying to meet? Outcomes that are essential to the project 4. How will we know when we get there? (metrics) Objective or subjective measures Qualitative or quantitative Indication of progress 5. What’s the value of accomplishing your objectives? -Demonstrable value -Represents actual improvement in the current conditions

SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS & OBJECTIVES 1. Now, think about your TOP 3 objectives so that they are “SMART” – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based. 2. Describe how your social media objective supports or links to a goal in your organization’s communications plan.


For each of your goals, identify the following: 1. What is the purpose? Why is this goal important? What will be the benefit for your organization? 2 .How is it measurable? Come up with two or three quantifiable measurements to help you gauge your success. 3. What are you able to measure that will give you knowledge about your progress? 4. What defines success? Identify a benchmark for each measurement that will help you figure out how well you did in accomplishing your goal.

DEFINING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE 1. Who must you reach with your social media efforts to meet your objective? Why this target group? 2. Is this a target group identified in your organization’s communications plan? 3. What do they know or believe about your organization or issue? What will resonate with them? 4. What key points do you want to make with your audience?


Each social media channel is good for something different. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each tool against your goals in order to determine which channels are right for your organization.