Supporting SEF URLs in your component

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Hi there, for me the following statement does not really makes sense:

function check()
       jimport( 'joomla.filter.output' );
       $alias = JFilterOutput::stringURLSafe( $this-­>title );
       if (empty( $this-­>alias ) || $this-­>alias === $alias ) {
               $this->alias = $alias;
       /* All your other checks */
       return true;

As I read it, the filtered $alias is only asigned to the table property, if $table->alias is empty OR $table->alias is exactly the same. So in case $this->alias is not empty, the property will not even be checked or reasigned.

What I find more logical is the method used in the Joomla components

if(empty($this->alias)) {
	$this->alias = $this->title;
$this->alias = JFilterOutput::stringURLSafe($this->alias);