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Using the JToolBar class in the frontend

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This is a great article :) However I had a small problem due to my lack of experience... I propose a small change in the javascript part: Instead of <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/js/joomla.javascript.js"></script>, shouldn't it be: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="includes/js/joomla.javascript.js"></script> ?

Since I am quite new to web development (including html and php) it took me some time to understand that the reason behind my buttons inactivity was the language attribute... I do not know if this is a general feature or if it depends on the developer's configurations... either way, probably this should be mentioned on the article.

--Sbrandao 13:20, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Complete the toolbar look and feel

Thanks to the original contributor; very nice piece explaining how we can add the menu to the front end. I would like to add the following to give a more complete picture.

Changes to CSS Copy the contents from the following CSS into the new CSS you are creating for your component.

From directory /joomla/administrator/templates/khepri/css

  1. rounded.css or norounded.css as needed (you can copy both if you could be using either of them)
  2. general.css
  3. you can ignore the additions for table.toolbar a and table.toolbar a:hover they are already in general.css. However, you need to have the code for icons

The code copied from general.css has the styles for div.header. By default the color is #0B55C4, change this to your color of choice

Changes to com_yourcomponent.php

echo "<div id=\"toolbar-box\">\n";
echo "<div class=\"t\">\n";
echo "<div class=\"t\">\n";
echo "<div class=\"t\"></div>\n";
echo "</div></div>\n";
echo "<div class=\"m\">\n";
echo yourcomponentHelperToolbar::getToolbar( );
echo "<div class=\"header\">menu header</div>\n";
echo "<div class=\"clr\"></div>\n";
echo "</div>\n";
echo "<div class=\"b\">\n";
echo "<div class=\"b\">\n";
echo "<div class=\"b\"></div>\n";
echo "</div>\n";
echo "</div>\n";
echo "</div>\n";

This will make sure that the look and feel is exactly like the backend.

Enjoy the toolbar!!!

"New" is a reserved word ergo you can't have a function called "new" you will get a syntax error that wont go away. So you need to change the name of the "task" "new" to something like "mynew" and then the function to "mynew" also.

Hey, something is not working with the function name new():

function new()

     JRequest::setVar('view' , 'new');

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NEW, expecting T_STRING in D:\htdocs\cattleinfo\components\com_breed\controller.php on line 7

so..we need to change the function name first, or yu guys have other option to solve this problem.

Its quite confussing where to insert the following form, is it inside default.php

<form action = "index.php" method = "post" id = "adminForm" name = "adminForm" />

<input type = "hidden" name = "task" value = "" />
<input type = "hidden" name = "option" value = "com_yourcom" />

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