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For more administrator information, see Template Management.


<translate> Template Development</translate>

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For more developer information, see Template Development.

What types of templates are there?

Front-end Templates

Front-end templates change the way your site looks to average users. Most of the templates you use will be Front-end Templates. Three Front-end templates come preinstalled with Joomla!: rhuk_milkyway, beez and Ja_purity.

Back-end Templates

Back-end Templates are much rarer than Frontend Templates. You will probably never need to change your Back-end Template. Back-end Templates allow you to change the way the administrator interface looks.

Where can I get new templates?

There are some wonderful templates that were made in the template contest. There are also many websites where both free and non-free Joomla! templates can be downloaded.

How can I create a new template?

If you are interested in creating your own template than there are a few thing that you might want to know before you start. first you will need to know CSS, HTML, and PHP. Joomla! has created a tutorial for those who would like to create their own template.

More Template Information.

Here is a list of Wiki articles in the Template category: Category:Templates. Here is a list of frequently asked Template questions: Category:Template FAQ.