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|growth  || [[Image:Green-plus-icon.png|50px]]
|growth  || [[Image:Green-plus-icon.png|50px]]
|jdoc    || [[Image:Documentation all together tranparent bkgd.png|70px]]
|jdoc    || [[Image:Documentation all together tranparent small.png]]
|blank    || empty cell
|blank    || empty cell

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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Ambox.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.
To view the template page itself, see Template:Ambox.

{{ambox}} is the base tempate used by several "alert message boxes" which can be placed at the top of an article. It generates a two column table with an optional "message icon". The message text must be provided by the calling template in the {{{text}}} parameter.

ambox should never be used directly, but only via "proxy templates" such as {{notice}}, {{inuse}}, {{underconstruction}}, or other Marker templates. Those templates provide default parameters to have a consistant look and feel for alert message boxes including a standard message text and appropriate category tags.



the message text to display


type (notice)
controls the box color
image (none)
a notification icon.
imageright (none)
a supplemental image from the Image: namespace, shown in a third (right) column


Value CSS class Preview
serious ambox-serious
serious lorem ipsum
content ambox-content
content lorem ipsum
style ambox-style
style lorem ipsum
merge ambox-merge
merge lorem ipsum
notice ambox-notice
notice lorem ipsum
growth ambox-growth
growth lorem ipsum
protection ambox-protection
protection lorem ipsum
#default ambox-notice see notice

The color scheme is based off the official Joomla! logo and working group color palette and available for users of the Monobook and Joomla! skins.


Please update this list to the image names used.
Value Image name
serious Stop hand nuvola.svg.png
style Broom-icon.png
merge 50px
notice Info non-talk.png
growth 50px
jdoc Documentation all together tranparent small.png
blank empty cell
#default empty cell


An optional, arbitrary image from the File namespace. If this value is not empty, a third right column in added to the alert box to display the given image.

Try it in the Template:Ambox/sandbox.


table.ambox           (basic table settings)
table.ambox-type      (text and border colors)
td.ambox-image        (left icon column)
td.ambox-imageright   (right image column)
table.standard-main   (namespace specific overrides {{main talk file other}})