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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Ambox.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.
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{{ambox}} is the base tempate used by several "alert message boxes" which can be placed at the top of an article. It generates a two column table with an optional "message icon". The message text must be provided by the calling template in the {{{text}}} parameter.

ambox should never be used directly, but only via "proxy templates" such as {{inuse}}, {{underconstruction}} or {{docstatus}}. Those templates provide default parameters to have a consistant look and feel for alert message boxes including a standard message text.



the message text to display


type (notice)
controls the class attribute used
image (none)
an image from the Image: namespace as a notification icon
imageright (none)
an supplemental image from the Image: namespace, shown in a third column
style (empty)
CSS properties for the HTML style attribute applied to the <table> element. Please try to avoid using colors and fancy font settings in inline styles as this may conflict with a skin's color schema and user settings -- think accessibility!

type and image[edit]

Internal note: Please update the list of image names if files become available.
Value CSS class Image name
serious ambox-serious Stop icon
content ambox-content 50
(paper sheet?)
style ambox-style 50
(a calamus/quill?)
merge ambox-merge 50
(arrows, bandage, symbolic diff output?)
notice ambox-notice 50
growth ambox-growth 50
blank ambox empty cell
#default ambox-notice empty cell


An optional, arbitragy image from the File namespace. If this value is not empty, a third right column in added to the alert box.


table.metadata plainlinks ambox type