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<div class="panel radius {{#switch:{{{type|}}}
<div class="panel radius ambox-{{#switch:{{{type|}}}
     | serious  = serious
     | serious  = serious
     |protection= protection
     |protection= protection

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Template-info.pngTemplate documentation


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General Information

Documentation to be completed in the near future.


Provide examples such as ....

  • via {{tl}} for templates w/o params: {{template name}}
  • via {{tlx}} for templates with params & complex output: {{template name|foo|param=bar}}
  • via {{xpd}} for templates with simple & output: {{template name|foo|param=bar}} gives
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    General Information

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Parameter Parameter description req./opt.
{{{1}}} description of unnamed parameter 1 required
{{{foobar}}} Default: "batbaz". Description of named parameter 'foobar' optional

Known Issues

Include notes about ...

  • dependencies (templates, extensions, assets)
  • limitations, technical probs, namespace restrictions
  • rendering issues

See also

Provide links to ...

  • related templates
  • supplemental documentation
  • style guides
  • example pages


Provide CSS selectors ... for [[MediaWiki::joomla.css]] (or [[MediaWiki::common.css]])