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Joomla! Portal

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Template-info.pngTemplate documentation

The purpose of this template is making Portal Headings easier to create.


Versatile usage to change background color, icon, icon-size, icon-color, and text-color.



{{top portal heading}}
Joomla! Portal

{{top portal heading|color=orange-bkgd|icon=book|title=Portal Example}}
Portal Example

{{top portal heading|color=orange-bkgd|icon=life-saver|icon-color=#333|text-color=#333|title=Portal Example}}
Portal Example

{{top portal heading|color=red-bkgd|icon=bug|title=Bug Squad}}
Bug Squad


Background colors are limited to a select few of the standard Joomla! flat colors. If you desire a different color, please ask. The colors available are as follows:

blue-bkgd orange-bkgd green-bkgd red-bkgd dark-grey-bkgd

Parameter Parameter description req./opt.
{{{color}}} color of background optional - defaults to blue-bkgd
{{{icon}}} icon name, see Font Awesome Icon List optional - defaults to "info-circle"
{{{size}}} size of icon (lg, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x optional - defaults to "2x"
{{{icon-color}}} color of icon (use standard hex, #fffeee or text (white) optional - defaults to "#ffffff" - white
{{{title}}} title text optional - defaults to Joomla! Portal
{{{text-color}}} color of text (use standard hex, #fffeee or text (white) optional - defaults to white

Known Issues[edit]

Include notes about ...

  • dependencies (templates, extensions, assets)
  • limitations, technical probs, namespace restrictions
  • rendering issues

See also[edit]

Provide links to ...

  • related templates
  • supplemental documentation
  • style guides
  • example pages


Provide CSS selectors ... for [[MediaWiki::joomla.css]] (or [[MediaWiki::common.css]])