Testing Joomla! With WebTest - Environment Setup

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This page will hold documentation on using WebTest to create test suites for Joomla!

Functional Testing

See System Testing

Smoke Tests

The smoke tests shall make sure, that the very basic functionality of a new Joomla! installation is working. This means, a smoke test will verify the availability of menus, pages or other elements.

The successfully executed smoke tests provide the entry criteria for the regression testes. However, there is no clearly defined border between regression and functional tests.

Regression Tests

Regression tests are generally written against requirements and/or stories, which define the functionality and behavior of a system.

If a project is missing these specifications it can be helpful to write the regression tests against stories. These stories describe basic use cases.

The regression test with WebTest will be based on stories. These shall be simple stories such as:

  • Add a new section
  • Add a new category to the section
  • Add a new article to the section and category
  • Make the article visible on the frontpage

These stories can be extended over time, but will give the possibility to grow easily.

Canoo WebTest

Canoo WebTest is a free Open Source tool for automated testing of web applications. Here you can find a short overview of WebTest characteristics.



See here.






Test Suite



Test Execution