Guia de Referência Rápida para Testagem de Correções Joomla!

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The Testing Joomla! patches page describes the patch testing procedure. This document is a Quick Reference Guide with all necessary steps.

Joomla Issue Tracker

  • Login with Github account -> no account?
  • Status: New > Confirmed > Pending > Ready to Commit (RTC) > Closed
    • New - Just reported
    • Confirmed - Someone reproduced & confirmed error
    • Pending - Patch available (“PR” - pull request); needs 2 successful tests
    • Ready To Commit - To be added to Joomla source code
    • Needs Review - Need experienced developer to review the issue
    • Information Required - Need more info from the person who reported the issue

Testing Bugs, Reports, Patches

  • Have working local web server environment (XAMPP, MAMP ect)
  • Get Joomla “staging” from:
  • Install Joomla at local web server
    • Install with: Test English (GB) sample data
    • Do not remove /installation/ folder!
  • Joomla Patch Tester Component
  • Testing found issues
    • Find issue in Joomla Issue Tracker (useful filters: status, category, tests, easy)
    • Reproduce bug (can't reproduce bug? → report)
    • Install Patch in Joomla Patch Tester Component. patch: [#ID of patch – Some descriptive title for problem/patch]
    • Test if bug is solved & report findings (use @test for successful test)
    • Remove Patch (“revert patch”)

Report Bug

  • Search in Issue Tracker if issue has been reported already
  • Create new item [New Item]
    • Title: use descriptive title!
    • Description:
      • Steps to reproduce the issue
      • Expected result & actual result
      • System information (as much as possible). e.g. your PHP information, browser + version
      • Additional comments
    • Priority: default: Medium
    • Build: 3.4.x-dev (at this moment)
    • Categories: select the most appropriate categories

Create Patch

Patch = text file that describes changes in source code.


  • Use IDE (like Netbeans, PHPStorm)
    • Improve Joomla code in editor & create .diff patch
  • Use Github:
    • Navigate to page with code
    • Click “pencil” icon: “Clicking this button will fork this project so you can edit the file”
    • Add improvements:
      • Make changes in code under “Edit file”
      • Add Commit Summary under Propose file change (50 char or less)
      • Use optional extended description (in case 50 char was not enough)
    • Save & choose Pull Request
  • Use Command line “git” (for experienced users)

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