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Modular templates used for the helpscreens, Toolbar section. Like Column headers helpscreens and Cpanel icons.

{{toolbaricon|Add New Article}}

  • Add New Article. This will take you to a new article creation page where you can create new content, and then select a section and category, and then save the article. Its useful for quick and easy additions to your site's content.


  • Apply. Save it, but stay in the same screen. If you have been working on a screen for a long time and don't want to risk losing your work, pressing Apply saves your work and lets you continue working. If, for example, you lost your Internet connection, your work will be saved up this point.


  • Cancel. Go back to the main screen of the Manager, without saving the modifications you made.


  • Copy. Select one or more items and click this button to copy them. A new screen will display showing the possible "Copy to" locations on the left and the list of item(s) being copied on the right. To complete the copy, select the desired "Copy to" location and press the Copy button. To cancel the operation, press Cancel.


  • Delete. To delete one or more items, select them and click this button. The selected items will be deleted. Note: only empty items can be deleted.


  • Edit. Select one item and click on this button to open it in edit mode. If you have more than one item selected (where applicable), the first item will be opened. You can also open an item for editing by clicking on its Title or Name.


  • Help. Opens this Help Screen.


  • Logout. Select one or more users who are currently logged in and click on this button. The users will loose there logged in status.


  • New. Click on this button to create a new item. You will enter the New page for this item.


  • Save. Save it and return to editing the menu details.