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"...providing support for the international community is a core value of Joomla!..."

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The purpose of the Translation Working Group is to be a liaison between the Joomla! Translation Teams, the International Community and the other Joomla! Teams on user and technical matters relating to the translation of the Joomla! application.

The Joomla! Translation and Localization Policy defines the Translation Working Group cadre of intervention.

The Translation Working Group is also called the Joomla! Translation Coordination Team. It is composed of members of the Joomla! Translation Teams. See a list of current members here.

We have more than 50 local language coordinators representing their local teams. See a list of current members here. These Teams are also listed on a per language basis: current languages here

The resources provided by these teams are available on a common repository on joomlacode: 1.5 language packs

How can you help?

Joomla! Project wish to see the Joomla! CMS made available in any language.

For that to become possible we need the help from talented native speakers who wish to contribute by translating Joomla! 1.5 language packages into their native language.

To create a translation you must create a Joomla! language pack. Technical Guidelines for Translation

In case your language is not currently available at this list at joomlacode and you have already created a local translation then please follow these steps:

1. Create a user and a new project at joomlacode

2. When project approved and you have uploaded your language files then please post in the Translation forum

Should your language already be listed and you wish to contribute then please start by contacting the local Translation Coordinator .

If your language is not listed and you want to join the Joomla! Translation Teams, please contact a member of the Coordination.

Do you have language and/or translation questions?

For questions about language please visit language forums at:

Joomla! 1.0.x language forum

Joomla! 1.5.x language forum

For questions about translation please visit translation forum at: