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About the Translations Working Group

<translate> The purpose of the Translation Team within the Production Working Groups is to be a liaison between the Joomla! Translation Teams, the International Community and the other Joomla! Teams on user and technical matters relating to the translation of the Joomla! application.</translate>

<translate> The Translation Working Group carries out its work according to the Joomla! Translation and Localization Policy.</translate>

<translate> The Translation Working Group is also called the Joomla! Translation Coordination Team. It is composed of members of the Joomla! Translation Teams. See a list of current members here.</translate>

<translate> We have more than 50 local language coordinators representing their local teams. See a list of current members here. These Teams are also listed on a per language basis: 3.x current languages here</translate>

How can you help?

<translate> The Joomla! Project wish to see the Joomla! CMS made available in any language.</translate>

<translate> For that to become possible we need the help from talented native speakers who wish to contribute by translating Joomla! language packages into their native language.</translate>

<translate> To create a translation, you must create a Joomla! 3.x language pack</translate>

<translate> In case your language is not currently available at this list at joomlacode 3.x repository and you have already created a local translation then please follow these steps:</translate> <translate>

  1. Create a user and a new project at joomlacode
  2. When project approved and you have uploaded your language files then please post in the Translation forum.</translate>

<translate> Should your language already be listed and you wish to contribute then please start by contacting the local 3.x Translation Coordinator.</translate>

<translate> If your language is not listed and you want to join the Joomla! Translation Teams, please contact: a member of the Coordination.</translate>

Do you have language and/or translation questions?

<translate> For questions about language please visit language forums at:</translate> <translate>

<translate> For EOL Joomla! versions that you should NOT use anymore:</translate> <translate>

<translate> For questions about translation please visit translation forum at: