Inserting a list into an Article

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Numbered and un-numbered lists are a very common way of presenting information. To add a list to an article.

  1. Open the article for editing either by:
    • Opening the Article Manager, selecting the article and clicking the Edit toolbar button or,
    • Clicking the Add New Article button in the Control Panel.
  2. Locate the position in the article where you want to insert a list with the cursor.
  3. Choose either the Numbered or Unnumbered list button on the editor toolbar.
    • The default numbered list starts with 1. and the unnumbered list starts with a bullet point.
  4. Type enter to create a new line and number/bullet.
  5. Type enter twice to finish the list or start a new line and click the Numbered List or Unnumbered List button.

Note the following:

    • Change the list type part way through by clicking the alternate button.
    • The numbering will restart in a numbered list if you create a new list later in your article.
    • Use the indent controls to create child lists. You may change the type of this indented list by clicking the alternat button.