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Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to MySQL

If during or after installing, you received "Unable to connect to the database" error, please check the you have entered your sql database details correctly. The installation script will not allow you to continue unless the details are correct.

If it occurs after moving your site to another host, then please check following section of your configuration.php file

The normal database settings are the following: var $dbtype = 'mysql'; var $host = 'localhost'; var $user = 'user_with_database_access'; var $db = 'the_actual_database_name'; var $dbprefix = 'table_prefix_';

The most common reason

Sometimes you will see this message is that MySQL has stopped running on your server. Often this is a temporary situation. Your server administrator may sometimes turn MySQL off to run maintenance utilities. In such circumstances, your site will likely return shortly.

1) Your Database User has been deleted. If this is the case, you will need to recreate your database user with the same username and password that existed when you first installed Joomla. Use your domain control panel to administer this or contact your server administrator.

2) Your Database User Name or User Password has changed.