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The Unified Content Model Working Group is a Production Working Group. UCM is powerful new tool that is proposed for inclusion in the Platform. What use will the CMS make of it, what are the backward compatibility issues involved, what new coding would be needed to use it in the CMS, and what are the implications for third party extensions are all open questions.

Coordinators & PLT Contact

Elin Waring


External resources

Background Materials

The original code from eBay

The first extended discussion on the platform mailing list.

Rob Schley talk at Joomla Day New York

Elin Waring slides for PWG lightning talks at Joomla and Beyond 2012

Video of PWG Meeting at JAB 2012

Video of session on UCM at Joomla World Conference

Slides from Elin's session on UCM at JWC

Sam's example of a web services application

Stefan's GSOC application using UCM


Long term, a new Joomla application for the management of content.

Technical Work produced by this group



This effort can be thought of as two coordinated efforts:

  • Work on the CMS 3 series to implement UCM for the core and extensions that wish to opt into it.
  • Work on a the CMS 4 series that would be built around this model as well as other architectural changes.


  • Initial infrastructure for use of a single core table: 3.1.
  • Migration to a he single core content table for all core components for 3.2