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(General Notes of Changes)
(General Notes Regarding Changes)
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== General Notes Regarding Changes ==
== General Notes Regarding Changes ==
<code><?php echo $mainframe->getCfg('sitename');?></code> is now <code>$app->getCfg('sitename');</code> Where <code>$app</code> is <code>$app = JFactory::getApplication();</code>
<code><?php echo $mainframe->getCfg('sitename');?></code> is now <code>$app->getCfg('sitename');</code> Where <code>$app = JFactory::getApplication();</code>
[[Category:Joomla! 1.6]]
[[Category:Joomla! 1.6]]

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Template Parameters

In both Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 template parameters are defined in templateDetails.xml.

Whereas in 1.5 parameters are defined as part of the <params> section, and each parameter is defined as a <param>, in 1.6 template parameters are contained in the <config> section and treated as a <field> nested within the <fieldset> and <fields> tags, as illustrated below.

        <fields name="params">
            <fieldset name="basic">
                <field name="" type=" default="" label="" description="">
                    <option value="1">On</option>
                    <option value="0">Off</option>
                <field name="" type="" default="" label="e" description="" />

<fieldset name="basic"> wraps the parameters in a slider and using name="basic labels that slider as "Basic Options" and name="advanced" labels it as "Advanced Options".

The name="" type=" default="" label="" description="" attributes still apply.

General Notes Regarding Changes

<?php echo $mainframe->getCfg('sitename');?> is now $app->getCfg('sitename'); Where $app = JFactory::getApplication();