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Jon Neubauer

Thanks for visiting my page!

A Little About Me

Jon Neubauer

I found Joomla! about a year ago, before using Joomla! I was a WP fanatic. Once I found Joomla! though, I was converted. Joomla! gave me a CMS that was really a Content Management System, a platform that I could actually customize to do what I wanted to do rather than be restricted by the confines of a blogging platform.

Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming involved in the Joomla! Community. You can find me everywhere from testing patches for Joomla! bugs, to editing for the Joomla! Community Magazine, recording Joomla! tutorials for the official Joomla! YouTube Channel, as well as answering questions and helping users in the Joomla! forums and, yes, one of my favorite things, writing training and documentation for Joomla! users.

I'm also a student, attending MIT for degrees in Aerospace Engineering & Computer Engineering, as well as Fluid Physics, all compliments of NASA. For fun (really, I love my job) I work as a Joomla! Project Manager and Site Integrator for CNP Integrations, a Massachusetts based firm specializing in deploying Joomla! portals for organizations, institutions and business platforms.