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My Publications[edit]

All written under my previous name - Lorna Weatherill - unless otherwise indicated.


  • The Pottery Trade and North Staffordshire. 1660-1760, xviii + 174pp. 20 figures. 7 maps. 16 tables. 12 illustrations. (Manchester University Press, 1972)
  • A Hundred Years of Paper-Making: An Illustrated History of the Guardbridge Paper Company Ltd, 1873-1973, vii + 122pp. 13 figures. 4 maps. 8 tables. 62 illustrations. (Guardbridge Paper Company, 1974)
  • The Growth of the Pottery Industry in England, l660-l815 (1987, an edition of my thesis by Garland Publications, New York; this is in the series 'outstanding theses from the LSE.')
  • Consumer Behaviour and Material Culture in Britain, 1660-1760, about 80,000 words, 20 tables. 40 illustrations. (Routledge, 1988 and 1997 in paperback).
  • Richard Latham's Account Book, 1725-1765 (Oxford U.P. and the British Academy, 1990). This has about 40 pp. of introduction, 127 pp. of the edited document and 150 pp. of a concordance.


  • 1970 'Technical Change and Potters' Probate Inventories, 1660-1760', Journal of Ceramic History, iii, 3-12
  • 1971 with Rhoda Edwards, 'Pottery Making in London and Whitehaven in the late seventeenth century,' Post-Medieval Archaeology, v, 160-181
  • 1982 'Marketing English Pottery in Scotland, 1750-1820: A Study in the Inland Trade' Scottish Economic and Social History, ii, 18-43
  • 1982 'Capital and Credit in the Pottery Industry before 1770', Business History, xxiv, 243-258
  • 1983 'The Growth of the Pottery Industry in England, 1660-1815: Some new Evidence and estimates', Post-Medieval Archaeology, xvii, 15-46
  • 1986 'The Business of Middlemen in the English Pottery trade before 1780', Business History; also published in a collection of essays on eighteenth century business and industry.
  • 1986 'A Possession of Ones' Own: Women and the Ownership of Goods in England, 1670-1730,' Journal of British Studies
  • l986 'Consumer behaviour and social status in England, 1660-1750' Continuity and Change ii
  • 1991 'Ownership of textiles in Britain, 1660-1760' in N.B.Harte, ed. Textile History, special edition.
  • 1991 'The Computing Advisor's View' History and Computing, vol 2, no. 3.

Book chapters[edit]

  • 1987 'Using Datatrieve to analyse data from probate inventories', in P. Denley and D. Hopkins edd. Computing and History, Manchester U.P., pp.262-266
  • 1990 'Analysis of probate inventories and consumer behaviour' in G.H. Martin and P. Spufford, edd. Records of the Nation, The British Record Society
  • 1992 'Consumer behaviour in Britain, 1660-1760' in J. Brewer and R. Porter, edd Consumer Behaviour in the Early Modern Period, Routledge London
  • 1993 'The Beginnings of Industrialisation, 1660-1760', a chapter of about 6,000 words in A.D.M.Phillips, ed The Potteries Region, (the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in the Potteries Region, September 1993).
  • 1999 ‘Town vs Country: The property of everyday consumption in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries,’ in J. Stobart and A. Owens, Property and Inheritance in towns, c.1700 to 1900, Ashgate, Aldershot
  • 2003 Lorna Scammell, 'Was the North-East different from other areas? Property of everyday consumption in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries,' in Helen Berry and Jeremy Gregory, edd, Creating and Consuming Culture in North East England, 1660-1830, Ashgate, Aldershot
  • 2003 Lorna Scammell, 'Ceramics', an entry in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History,

Other writing[edit]

Since about 1998 I have written extensively about databases - but they were all internal documents for the University of Newcastle and also on that University's web sites at various times.

--Lorna Scammell 11 February 2011