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HelpScreens Working Group


Explain the WHY of a Helpscreen WG linked to the main JDocs WG
Marijke + Dwi will set a dedicated Team linked to the main JDocs Team for this mission.

Priorities for Help Screens Mission:

  1. Translate Tags Issues [X] -> see:
  2. Screenshots
  3. Broken red links
  4. Content
  5. l10n


How to access?[edit]

Go to Joomla! admin (staging version) Then in the Help    Joomla! Help

you will see then the following main Help Screen with a left side menu called ALPHABETICAL INDEX with links to various Help Screens. [IMG]

Tips & Tricks

At the end of each Helpscreen, there's a link to the related article that is called from the JDocs


What to do?[edit]

Check and create the screenshots that need to be updated or added.[edit]

    1. use the latest version of Joomla! for the screenshots (sample datas?)
    2. you need to respect the format and size
    3. every images should be done and not only screens but also part of and even buttons

Naming or renaiming the screenshots[edit]

It is important to be already ready for a future step that will be the l10n Start the l10n of the screenshots by renaming all of them (new + updated ones + old ones that are ok) with the prefix -en (just before the extension)
[IMG] + example

Naming or renaiming the links on the JDocs page[edit]

- add the prefix -en (just before the extension) also at the end of the calling link of the screenshot in the doc page.
[IMG] + example

Example step by Step[edit]