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Request for deletion? How to delete docs.joomla page?

I have done some development pages editing on this wiki, and one of the steps requiers deleting the following page, but no templates work (delete, rfd, RFD). So how, do I do this.

Page in question Setting up a testing environment Reason: Old and integrated the article into this one: Setting up your workstation for joomla development

P.S. Sorry to put that here, but I have searched for over an hour now for answers (also a quick look on joomla forum "Dos"). Might update the editing help pages. <a href="">e-motiv development</a>

The "rfd" templates no not exists. I can't recall if they ever existed in the first place an if so, who delete them.
Other pages link to Setting up a testing environment so deletion is not an option until the links are not resolved (re-linked) properly to another page page.
I may add a redirect however to the page, but please let me know if you were referring to
They all seem to deal with the same content ...
--CirTap (talkcontribs)