Using an FTP client to upload files

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Since many hosting companies do not allow their users shell/local access to their files, users wishing to send (upload) new files to their hosting space must make use of a File Transfer Program. FTP clients allow users to upload files that have been locally edited to a server. There are a variety FTP clients available and this chart nicely details the strengths of numerous popular programs, many of which are open source and/or free to download.

If you are using Firefox, may we suggest FireFTP as a useful add-on. FireFTP will be used for this tutorial.

You may want enable the display of hidden files so that you don't lose your .htaccess file (on a linux box) when you upload.

Using Windows Explorer

If you have a Windows Operating System installed, you can use Windows Explorer to connect to FTP.

Launching Windows Explorer

There are many ways to launch Windows Explorer. You can either just open a folder or My Computer, or you can Hold down the Windows Key and press R. Type explorer.exe and click Run.


Using FireFTP

FireFTP is our preferred application for FTP transfer if you are using Mozilla FireFox.

Launching FireFTP

To begin a file transfer, open FireFox then click Tools >> FireFTP. FireFTP will open in a new tab.


Configure your FTP Details

If this is the first time you're connecting to your FTP server using your application, you will need to configure the application to connect to the appropriate server. You will need to obtain the details from your host or administrator.