Using the Github UI to Make Pull Requests

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Github has a simple web interface that makes it very easy to propose a simple change to code. You do not need to install any software or do anything beside register for a git hub account.

These suggestions apply to forks of both joomla-cms and joomla-platform, although the screenshots are for joomla-cms.

Identify a change you want to make.[edit]


Find the file you want to modify on Github[edit]


Click Edit to open the file[edit]


Make your change[edit]


Scroll down and click the Propose file change button (add a note if you want).[edit]


Fill in any additional information in the pull request including a reference to the joomlacode issue.[edit]


NOTE: For pull requests for joomla-platform, the 'base branch' on the left must be set to staging (not master).

Click Send pull request.[edit]


Make a note in the joomlacode issue with any a link to the pull request.[edit]